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The history of boursin®

The history of Boursin® began in a small village in Normandy in 1957. François Boursin decided to set out and create the Boursin®cheese company, without for a second imagining that its name would become world famous.

In 1961, a major paper erroneously announced that Boursin® were producing a garlic flavoured version, when in fact it was one of the brand's competitors! In 1963, after two years of work, François Boursin created a new recipe and officially launched Boursin® Ail Fines Herbes (Boursin® Garlic Herbs) made with plain fresh cheese, garlic and herbs. An inimitable recipe inspired by local Norman tradition!

The first steps of boursin®

After its launch in 1963, Boursin® quickly became a staple part of the French diet. It revolutionised the fresh cheese spread market, particularly when it became the first brand of cheese to have a TV marketing campaign in 1968.

In 1972 a slogan wasborn: "Du pain, du vin, du Boursin®". This stroke of genius really made a lasting impression for several generations and is still vividly remembered.

Boursin® today

After fifty years, the recipe is still the same and, over the years, Boursin® is still winning over cheese loves around the world. Today the brand includes Boursin® cheese, Boursin® Salade Apéritif (Salad Appetizer), Boursin® Cuisine (Cooking), Boursin® Apéritif (Appetizer).

Today, Boursin® continues to win over cheese lovers from around the world. It is sold under the same name in more than 35 countries on 5 continents. In France, it is one of the best known cheese brands with 95% brand awareness (Global Brand awareness - Source Millward Brown November 2012).