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The legendary little cheese square with the taste of childhood.

As the first cheese designed especially for children, Kiri® holds a special place in the life of young gourmets. We discover Kiri® in our childhoods and often continue to love it long after.

The history

In 1966, nobody had thought about creating cheese designed particularly for the tastes and the lifestyles of children. Kiri® was therefore a success from the moment it left Bel's factory in France. The practical and tasty little squares found their place in children's school bags and hearts first in France and then abroad. Its cheeky adverts created the Kiri® character, fresh and poetic.

Kiri® today

A range of varieties have developed around the word to suit the tastes and habits of Kiri® consumers. Examples: Kiri® Goûter® (Snack time), crunchy sticks to dip in the cheese or even Labneh (Greek yoghurt) style Kiri® in Lebanon. Kiri® is now well loved outside France: the majority of sales are now made in the Middle East and Japan is in the top four countries of consumers. Still just as delicious, the brand continues to win over young food lovers... without releasing its grasp on adults, for whom it is a nostalgic taste from their childhood.

Finally, Kiri® is starting the 21st century in strongly... every year, 1.5 billion portions are sold throughout the world, enough to go around the planet one and a half times! A good reason to celebrate the 50th birthday of tasty snacking in 2016...