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Limiano®: authentically flamengo, authentically portuguese

The strength of market leading cheese Limiano® comes from its authenticity. Made using the traditional methods of flamengo cheese, the famous ball proudly has the traditional generous taste and texture.

Founded in 1959 by Tavares da Silva, Limiano® quickly grew in popularity and is now the benchmark for Portuguese families. But its history does not stop it from being daring. In the nineties, the brand bragged with humour about its odour and its imperfect shape, which are both signs of its authenticity. The same vitality in format: Limiano® also stood out in 2011 by launching Armanteigado®, a cheese with character and a soft texture with an intense yet gentle flavour. The result was an immediate hit and for Limiano®, a successful entry into the uncooked pressed cheese market.