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The laughing cow®

The laughing cow®

90 years old, and still smiling

Whether it is La vache qui rit® in France, Die lachendekuh® in Germany or Con bocuoi® in Vietnam, The laughing cow® always gets a smile and pleases consumers the world over. Ninety years after its creation, Bel's founding brand has lost none of its vitality.

A universal brand

More than just a brand of cheese, The laughing cow® has a privileged relationship with consumers who associate it with a charming and touching character.

As an icon for children, parents and their grandparents, The laughing cow® has been bringing joy to the young, and not so young, for more than ninety years.

Ever since it was created in 1921, The laughing cow® brand has ticked all the right boxes: a unique recipe, high quality ingredients, a universal taste, a conservation method to suit every country and individual portions. Today, The laughing cow® has lost none of its appeal for all the family and every generation! Available in over 120 countries, The laughing cow® is the bestselling, unrivalled processed cheese... With more than 7.5 billion portions consumed throughout the world in 2013—that is the equivalent of 240 portions a second.

A family company

First and foremost, The laughing cow is a family story!

The laughing cow was officially created on 16 April 1921 when the brand "La vache qui rit®" was registered by Léon Bel. The famous cheese has always been produced in the Jura, at Lons-le-Saunier. The Bel Group is still a family company today, even if it currently employs more than 12,000 people! The company still makes The laughing cow® and produces 20 national and international brands. The Bel Group is the world leader in branded cheeses in portions and the biggest processed cheese producer in France and Europe, as well as being market leader in many countries.

An inimitable icon

The red cow has become an icon.

The beautiful drawing by Benjamin Rabier (a famous animal artist) and Léon Bel's earrings were an instant hit. The surprise effect, the zaniness and the wit quickly made The laughing cow® a household name that was loved by everybody! As early as 1923, sales were as high as 12,000 packets per day. Although the packaging has changed many times since the brand was launched, the red cow, the unrivalled emblem, has always ensured its success.

Ground-breaking communication

The star of cheeses!

An advertising department was created from the earliest days of the company to create posters, enamel plaques and sales displays. The first campaigns emphasised the nutritional value of the cheese and its ingredients, but it was the personality of the brand that won consumers over more than any sales argument. It has never failed to find its way onto the table and into the hearts of children and adults alike.

The brand quickly made use of different media outlets to communicate: posters, radio and TV. The first adverts were shown in cinemas in 1950. The laughing cow® was represented by the famous actress Pauline Carton: "Good milk, butter and cheese, it is better than ever!"

In 1968, the Bel Group's first TV adverts were a success. In France many people still remember the great advertising campaigns: "The audition" (1985) or "Why does The laughing cow® laugh?" (2001).

The brand has started a new saga since 2010 with the very modern animated film "The Factory" where The laughing cow® and her friends explain how the famous portions are made. A saga that is also available online with a new website and a Facebook page where many fans speak of their affection for the brand.